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Customer Story

Review from Hector A

“Bobby Good Morning, I want to start off by saying I am not an easy person to deal with, I was in the military and have PTSD. Car shopping is not one of the things I look forward to dealing with. I am loud annoying demanding and a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS!! I want to take the time to show you my appreciation.

Your manager Nelson and your sales person Peter can tell you first hand, with that being said let me take the time to review my experience of your dealership. First of all let me start off with your sales Person Peter Lorenzo. Talk about patience and understanding and going above and beyond on dealing with my difficultness. I never felt so comfortable with a sales person that wanted to do everything and anything in his power to make me happy. Attention to detail was the biggest thing that caught my eye along with his professionalism. He listen to what I had to say was never pushy and addressed every single one of my concerns, all I have to say is I received superb customer service he ran up and down the dealership, did as he was told, and gave me a variation of different choice his biggest thing he said was “ I want you to be happy.” Not once did he show frustration or said he was bothered with me. He went above and beyond anything a car sales man would do I was not even aware he was new to the dealership, you could have fooled me. Next let’s talk about your manager Nelson, he took the time to show sympathy and took everything into consideration to include my personal needs. He made an irate customer calm down talk and help guide me to help me into the new vehicle I wanted.

Then came Raphael Barnes your inventory manager talk about knowledge. He knew everything and anything about the vehicle I was looking at, he took time off and walk my wife and I to his personal vehicle and showed us the model we were thinking of purchasing. He also got us the vehicle we wanted and then sum. He did not stop there, once we purchase the vehicle he took about 45 minutes to take us step by step of every feature the new vehicle had, talk about knowledge and superb customer service!! Every dealership should have a Mr. Barnes because we left knowing everything and anything about this vehicle.

Finally Bobby I want to say thank you personally, your no BS pricing made this purchase smooth and easy. You are a true definition of a GM/Owner. One of the things that caught my attention was your humbleness, I have never seen a GM/Owner be right in the front of the business, no fancy office, no hiding in the back, a simple office being attentive, your right there involved getting to know your customers. That is what you call customer service!! Finally when my wife told you “I’m sorry I am being so picky and a pain” your response was priceless “ma’am you’re buying a 44K vehicle, I want you to be happy you are not a bother at all, I will get you exactly what you want, so that you are happy” This is the experience I wanted and expect!! Yes we are happy! Yes we absolutely loved the service, this is what should be the standard for all dealerships!! And yes post this on line, have people call me, I will be more than happy to relay my true and real comments!!”


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