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2016 Rio vs. 2016 Ford Fiesta | Kia Dealership near me

2016 Kia Rio vs. 2016 Ford Fiesta

kia dealership near me

2016 Kia Rio


2016 Ford Fiesta

$15,648 at Route 23 Kia Price $13,360 (The Competition)
27, 37 MPG (City, Highway) 27, 37
134 HP 120
138 / 49.8 Hatchback HP / Cargo Room (Cubic Feet) 120 / 25.4
88.4 Passenger Room (Cubic Feet) 85.1
33.5 Curb-to-Curb Turning Circle (Feet) 34.4
10-yr, 100k-mile limited powertrain Warranty Coverage 5-yr/60k-mile limited powertrain

The Kia Rio vs. Ford Fiesta debate seems to be never-ending, and people are coming up with all kinds of reasons for why one car is better than the other. You have to carefully consider all features of the Kia Rio and the Ford Fiesta before you can choose one car over the other. Ford Fiesta is backed by the powerful Ford name, and for people who are brand conscious, this can be the biggest factor influencing their decision. The Kia Rio meanwhile, comes with affordability, good engine performance, and excellent storage options.


Let’s start with the price. The Kia Rio and the Ford Fiesta are almost similarly priced, with not much difference in the base price. So, should you go for the Kia Rio? You have to consider your needs when buying a car. The Kia Rio is a winner when it comes to performance and interior space. These might be reasons for you to invest in this car. It also offers fuel efficiency not much lagging the Ford Fiesta.


Most people look for comfortable interiors, and this means plenty of interior space. The Kia brand has always been notable for superb engineering, where space is optimized. So you can expect a comfortable ride in the Kia Rio. The controls are present on the steering wheel. This makes it an ideal car for driver and passengers. The Kia Rio is also fitted with the UVO infotainment system, and if you just cannot do without your favorite music and smartphone apps, this car might be the best deal for you. Additionally, the Kia Rio also features navigation. The car’s interiors can be termed neutral or elegant, depending on your tastes.

One aspect where the Kia Rio wins significantly over the competitor is the cargo space. The Kia Rio offers room to store more cargo than the Ford Fiesta. Also, you can fold the rear seats to make room for more cargo. So if you are expecting to be doing a lot of cargo hauling the Kia Rio is likely to be the smart choice for you. Also, the interiors are comfortable, and the price is within most budgets.

You can test drive the Kia Rio at a reputable New Jersey Kia dealership. You can also look for car loans with the assistance of the dealership. If you are a Kia fan and you are looking for another vehicle, you can go through the new and used vehicle inventory of the dealership to book the Kia car.


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