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2016 Kia Optima vs. 2016 Ford Fusion

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2016 Kia Optima


2016 Ford Fusion

25, 37 Base MPG (City, Highway) 22, 34
181 / 245 Base HP / Top HP 175 / 240
Yes KBB.com Best Buys of 2016 – Midsize Sedan? No
Yes 2016 IIHS Top Safety Pick? Yes
6 (10 Maximum in Top-Line Trims) Standard Speakers 4
10-yr/100k-mile limited powertrain, 5-yr/60k-mile bumper-to-bumper Warranty Coverage 5-yr/60k-mile limited powertrain, 3-yr/36k-mile bumper-to-bumper
$18,078 at Route 23 Kia Price $19,700 (The Competition)

The Kia Optima versus Ford Fusion war seems to be heating up, and there are plenty of voices on both sides of the debate. The cars are compared due to the similarity of features and their classification as a sedan. If you are looking for a classy car that offers fuel savings and delivers good performance, the Kia Optima and the Ford Fusion are great choices. Some of the most comparable features of the two cars are discussed below.

The Kia Optima is known for its stylish exteriors. While the Ford Fusion has an understated style of its own, the Kia Optima wins thanks to its shapelier design. The car looks contemporary as well as classy, and this fabulous combination is guaranteed to take you places. The car also comes with plenty of exterior color options with some fancier ones such as a pearly finish to dark red. While the Ford gives a similar number of color choices, the awe factor seems to be in favor of the Kia Optima. Indeed if you are looking for innovative styling and fashionable colors, the Kia Optima gives room for experimentation.


The Kia Optima is a driver’s car, in that it does its best to incorporate some driver-friendly features. If you are on a long drive on a hot day, you will appreciate the ventilated seat. Admittedly this feature has been extended to all seats so everyone can enjoy a comfortable ride. The car also features UVO based infotainment, which not only helps connect you to satellite radio but also helps you connect to apps on your smartphone. If you are looking for limitless entertainment choices in your car, then the Kia Optima makes this a possibility. Superb Performance

The Kia Optima with its two different engine types offers good output which outdoes what the two engines of the Ford Fusion offer. The car also comes with significant fuel savings. Additionally, the Kia is noted for its state of the art safety technologies. Whether you like the lane steering or the stability and traction controls, the car has plenty of ways to make your journey safe.

The Kia Optima delivers greater value if you consider the price. Also included is a five-year warranty which is much more than what the Ford Fusion has on offer. These factors can motivate you to buy a Kia Optima. You can learn more by taking the car for a test drive at a reputable Kia dealership.


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