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2016 Cadenza vs. 2016 Taurus | Wayne Kia Dealer

2016 Kia Cadenza vs. 2016 Ford Taurus

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2016 Kia Cadenza


2016 Ford Taurus

$33,138 at Route 23 Kia Mid-Level Trim Price $33,470 for Limited Trim Level (The Competition)
19, 28 MPG (City, Highway) 18, 27
293 HP 280
3,670 Curb Weight (Pounds) 3,969
106.8 Passenger Room (Cubic Feet) 102.2
36.5 Turning Circle (Feet) 39.5
10-yr/100k-mile powertrain, 5-yr/60k-mile bumper-to-bumper Warranty Coverage 5-yr/60k-mile powertrain, 3-yr/36k-mile bumper-to-bumper

The Kia Cadenza versus Ford Taurus debate has become more intense, and fans of both brands are betting on their favorite car. While the Ford does come with greater fame and more brand recall, fans of Kia have plenty to cheer about. Be it price, maneuvering, or just interior comforts; the Kia Cadenza holds the edge over the Ford Taurus.


One of the major factors going into your decision to purchase the Kia Cadenza would be the vehicle price. The price difference between the two cars may be marginal, but it is there, and you can reap the benefits when you choose the best financing options from a reliable Kia dealership. The car also features a more powerful engine than the Ford Taurus and offers more than 290 HP output as against the less than 298 HP output that the Ford vehicle comes with. Additionally, the car is notable for its longer warranty, and the five-year Kia warranty can dwarf anything offered by other manufacturers.

Luxurious and Safe

When it comes to luxury, few vehicles can match the Kia Cadenza. If you are a fan of the affordably priced luxury car, the Kia Cadenza is sure to meet your requirements. While both cars have the best infotainment on offer, with Bluetooth, navigation and satellite radio, the Kia Cadenza takes home the trophy thanks to its sound system. While the Ford Taurus does have the reliable SYNC system, the Kia Cadenza outdoes this with some pretty impressive HD radio and other infotainment features. The car also comes with parking assistance, and you can choose the keyless entry mode for easier and timely entry and ignition. The car is also fitted with climate control, so you have an easier time driving long distances, particularly when you are traveling with other people. The car also gets a distinct edge over the Ford Taurus in terms of seats. While the Ford Taurus has cloth-covered seats, the Kia Cadenza has an edge thanks to its plush leather-covered seats. If classy interiors are what you are aiming for the Kia Cadenza might be the right choice for you. The Kia Cadenza-like most Kia vehicles are known for its impressive safety, so you have things like roadside assistance in addition to standard features it shares with the Ford Taurus.

If you would like to learn more about the Kia Cadenza or take the car for a test drive, the right Kia dealership can help you schedule a trial run of the car.


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