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Buying vs Leasing Your Next Kia

Today’s car buyers have the option to either buy or lease their new vehicle in Riverdale. Each option offers benefits to drivers, but one choice may be better than the other for your specific needs. To learn more about buying vs. leasing a Kia vehicle, continue reading this blog post.

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When buying a car, individuals are purchasing the vehicle to own. People can pay for a car with cash or finance the vehicle through monthly payments. When paying with cash, you can own the vehicle immediately after purchase. On the other hand, when financing a vehicle, car buyers must follow the payment guidelines of the financier.

When leasing a car, individuals make monthly payments to essentially borrow the vehicle for an extended period of time. During a lease agreement, car buyers can pay a minimal down payment, or make no down payment at all, and drive off the lot with their dream vehicle. These drivers must make their monthly payments, however, in order to maintain the lease agreement. When a lease ends, drivers return the vehicle to the dealership and have the option to renew their lease or to lease a new vehicle.

If you’re considering buying a Kia, the benefits of purchasing a vehicle are that you can own the car once the vehicle is paid off. You can make permanent changes to the vehicle as you see fit, and you can enjoy a notable resale value if you take good care of the car.

Those thinking about leasing can enjoy getting behind the wheel of the latest and greatest that Kia has to offer. Pick a brand new Kia vehicle for your lease agreement, and when your lease is over, select another all-new car. Keep up to date with trends and enjoy a hassle-free returning process.

Get behind the wheel of an all-new Kia at Route 23 Kia! Find our new and used Kia dealership at 1 Windbeam Road in Riverdale, to either buy or lease your dream car.

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