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Preowned Cars: Keeping your Car Healthy at 10 Years Old and Beyond

Whether it’s our pride and joy or simply a workhorse to get us from place to place, we all have an interest in keeping our vehicles running smooth and reliable. For owners with brand new vehicles, this isn’t an immediate problem, but the vast majority of drivers out there have an older vehicle that they aren’t keen to part with anytime soon.

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Kia Niro vs. Toyota Prius

Ever since the debut of hybrid automotive technology in 1995, the hallmark of eco-friendly and fuel-efficient vehicles has been the Toyota Prius. Upon its release in 1997, the Prius quickly became synonymous with the hybrid vehicle market and its ownership was seen as a badge of pride that labeled its owner as someone who cared about the environment.

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Behind the Scenes at a Car Dealership

Ever want to know what is going on behind the scenes at your local car dealership? Sometimes the car buying process can take a long time, and you’re left wondering what’s going on while dealership employees work behind the scenes. Well, this post, with information from Edmunds, has all the details on what’s likely going on at your car dealership. Check it out:

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