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Best-Ever First Half of Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales

A CPO Kia vehicle is a certified pre-owned car or SUV that is lightly-used and heavily tested. A certified pre-owned Kia vehicle must have less than 60,000 miles on its odometer and pass a meticulous 164 point quality assurance inspection performed by certified Kia technicians. If a Kia vehicle passes these tests, it receives the certified pre-owned label and is notably trustworthy and of high quality.

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You’ll Find the Kia Rio Irresistibly Fun to Drive

First introduced at the turn of the millennium, the Kia Rio set the standard for what consumers expect from a Kia vehicle. Affordability and dependability were the chief appeals of the Rio, which was essentially a simple car without frills. The Rio proved to be an immediate hit and sent shockwaves throughout an automotive community that had previously focused on the latest and greatest features. In the nearly two decades since then, the Rio continues to be a driving force of change.

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